[9/14] my bby peeps~ i hve no time to gif lately so im srry about the requests;;; i'll def get them done...at some point. im working more and more so sometimes my queue runs out without me knowing but i think its set for @ least one a day as of now. if u see feels in the tags im here. (p.s. messages are bein eaten like a motherfuck so if i aint replied in a week pls send again.)
much love in the hood ♥
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zyx; gentleman
this is a personal blog for the unicorn of EXO, my gangsta boy, Zhang Yixing. simply because this man deserves more blogs dedicated to his existence. you are welcome to join me here~
ride or die
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2/10 Things I Hate About You: I hate the way you react so cutely
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Anonymous whispered : Who is gett? :) i want to follow her:)


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ARTIST: Kim Jongdae
TRACK: Wolf + Growl (A Cappella)
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